More than 350,000 hernia operations are carried out every year in German hospitals. Such operations are routine for specialist surgeons. However, patients undergoing such surgery are often anxious about the surgery itself and its consequences.

On this website we would like to inform you about an innovative surgical method to treat abdominal wall, umbilical and incisional hernias.

In the patient’s area we explain to you what hernias are, how they develop and why a surgical procedure is essential to heal a hernia. The MILOS technique developed by Dr Reinpold in Hamburg is explained in general terms. You can also find a list of treatment centres that use this surgical technique.

In the doctor’s area, interested colleagues can find technical information about endoscopically assisted techniques for minimally invasive extraperitoneal mesh implantation for abdominal wall and umbilical hernias (MILOS technique) and a video tutorial. You can also find a summary of workshops and continuing education programs as well as visiting surgeon programs for MILOS.